Imaginative flavors, international chocolates, carefully curated collections. Every chocolate tells a story, and our passion is sharing them with you!

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2 Box Chocolate Sampler Gift Tower


A gorgeous and generous centerpiece to any gathering, this 2-box tower features our handcrafted Truffles, Caramels, Bars, Peppermint Bark, cookies and pretzels, plus much more!

Black Beauty 12 Piece Collection


Darcy Truffle (France), Adriana Truffle (Italy), Ebony Truffle (USA), Brunelle Truffle (Belgium) – (3 of each)

Coffee Buzz 12 Piece Collection


Hazelnut Cappuccino Truffle, Capital Joe’s Espresso Truffle, Blonde Café au Lait Truffle, Hawaiian Kona Coffee Truffle with Alaea Sea Salt (3 of each)

Comfort and Joy Holiday 4 piece Vegan/Plant Based


Flavors:  Peppermint Café, Apple Strudel, Strawberry Vanilla, Ultra

Dinner Party Dessert 12 Piece Collection


Dark Chocolate Soufflé Truffle, Pêche Melba Truffle, Peanut Butter Pie Truffle, Profiterole Truffle (3 of each)

Gold Swirl 3 Box Gift Tower


A truly impressive and gracious gift, this 3-box tower features our handcrafted Truffles, Caramels, Bars, Peppermint Bark, plus a generous selection of chocolates and treats for sharing.

Halloween 4 Piece Collection


So delicious, it’s scary! Up your Halloween candy game with this decadent truffle collection made with fine international chocolate and other premium ingredients.  Includes detailed flavor card.

Harvest 4 Piece Collection


Indulge in the flavors of the season with this beautiful and delicious collection, handmade using fine international chocolate and other premium ingredients. Includes detailed flavor card.

Holiday 4 piece White Ribbon


Flavors: Hot Cocoa Truffle, Pear Sauternes Truffle, Apple Strudel Truffle, Banoffee Pie Truffle

Holiday 8 piece Vegan/Plant Based


A delicious 8-pc collection of holiday truffles, hand-crafted using fine vegan international chocolates and other natural ingredients. Dairy-free, gluten-free.


International Chocolates Sampler


A luscious sampling of truffles, bars, caramels and more, hand-crafted using fine chocolate from Belgium, France, the Dominican Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Haiti, and the USA.