Imaginative flavors, international chocolates, carefully curated collections. Every chocolate tells a story, and our passion is sharing them with you!

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read our story.

Diane Krulac, chocolatier and owner

Into The World of Chocolate

This isn’t your typical story about becoming a chocolatier and starting a chocolate business. No culinary school training, internships with chefs, or trips around the world to smell and taste herbs and spices. This story is about a passion for the flavor of chocolate and learning through hours of research and study, online courses, visits with chocolate makers, trial and error and tasting and more tasting. The result is fabulous flavor in our truffles, bars and caramels, artistic flair when creating the beauty of the confection, and simplicity in packaging. We hope you’ll enjoy browsing our website, and invite you to visit our new retail store at 18 South 18th Street, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

Our Inspirations are Stories

We don’t make an “all dark” box of chocolate.  Instead, our collections are centered around stories that move and amuse us, and that reveal something unique about the truffles.  Take our Dinner Party Dessert Collection, whose stories include Audrey Hepburn making chocolate soufflé, a French chef’s gift to an opera singer, a famous American entrepreneur, and the marriage of an Italian noblewoman and a French king.  So which came first, the stories or the truffles? YES.

Best. Decision. Ever

And there are now 9 Collection stories that speak to why we make each one of the gems found in each collection!  And every collection comes with a Story Card, so you’ll learn about the inspiration for each truffle.

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in· ter· na· tion· al:

of, relating to, or affecting two or more nations.

“2+ countries in every bite.” We source chocolate from all over the globe (currently 18 countries and counting…) and each of our truffles contains at least two different chocolates: one in the ganache (center) and one in the shell or covering. Why? The flavor is enhanced and exceptional …. Try it and you will see.

Trade Secrets

(top row) Sue, Vonny, Diane, Nicki (bottom row) Toni, Teety, MJ (Not pictured) Nina, Deb, Abby

What’s the most important ingredient in everything we create, from truffles to bars to caramels and everything in between?  Our PEOPLE!  Cocoa Creek Chocolates is driven by a team of amazing women with boundless talent and energy.  We share a commitment to bringing you the finest, freshest, most beautiful and most delicious chocolates you’ve ever experienced.  We work hard, laugh a lot, and never stop learning from each other.  We hope you can taste the love in every bite!

Shining Moments

Mike & Diane lead a virtual Wine & Truffle Pairing event

We love sharing our passion for chocolate — even when we can’t do it in person.  In response to the current pandemic, we’ve collaborated with a local winery to present virtual Wine and Truffle Tasting events, offering people a fun, unique, and DELICIOUS shared experience while socially distancing. More virtual events are being planned for the future!

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