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Salted + Spirited Caramels 12-piece boxes


Starting with the finest caramel, we build layers of flavors using premium, natural ingredients.  What could be better?  CHOCOLATE!  So to double the decadence, we enrobe our caramels in the finest international chocolates.  Handmade in micro-batches, these luscious caramels are unlike anything you’ve every tasted!   Two distinctive collections

  Salted: Almond Sea Salt (Fleur de sel); Maple Bacon (bacon infused sea salt);  Lemon Rosemary (lemon infused sea salt); Latte Lover’s (espresso sea salt)

 Spirited: Bourbon; Scotch Butterscotch; Spiced Rum; Hard Apple Cider

Salted Caramel Collection – 12 Piece Box   (3 of each flavor)

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Spirited Caramel Collection – 12 Piece Box    (3 of each flavor)