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Black Beauty 12 Piece Collection


Darcy Truffle (France), Adriana Truffle (Italy), Ebony Truffle (USA), Brunelle Truffle (Belgium) – (3 of each)

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Come to the dark side.  Our ultra-dark collection showcases ganaches (truffle centers) made with 70% – 72% cocoa solid content, with the bold, intense flavor (and health benefits) sure to excite the true chocolate connoisseur.  Each piece uses chocolate from a different country (France, Italy, Belgium, USA) and reflects the unique history and traditions of its origin for a surprisingly distinct flavor profile and mouthfeel.  These beauties are meant to be relished and savored, with plenty of “oohs” and “aahs.”  They possess the authority to stand alone, and are also perfect for pairing with wine, whisky, or Netflix.  Darcy Truffle (France), Adriana Truffle (Italy), Ebony Truffle (USA), Brunelle Truffle (Belgium)

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Weight 13 oz