Imaginative flavors, international chocolates, carefully curated collections. Every chocolate tells a story, and our passion is sharing them with you!

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Who is Cocoa Creek?
At Cocoa Creek Chocolates we craft artisan chocolate truffles and bars that are deeply connected to their source ingredients and distinctly appealing to all the senses. With our selection of international chocolates and carefully curated collections, we believe that every chocolate tells a story, and our passion is sharing them with you!
What flavors do you make?
We start with chocolate that reflects the personality of its roots, and combine it with other carefully selected ingredients to create flavor palettes that range from the adventurous to the nostalgic. Our collections present Truffle varieties designed to evoke a sensual, emotional experience — with a healthy dose of fun!
Did someone say Bars?
Diane’s exuberant Jack Russell terrier Luther is the muse and inspiration that reminds us to delight in the natural world and the sights, smells and tastes we encounter along the way. Our vegan line of Luther’s Trek Bars reflect that boundless joy of simple, pure ingredients and flavors. And coming soon: Good Carma Bars!

Featured Selections

-Truffles & Bars -

Soul Mates 24-piece Gift Box with Valentine Bow


“Romeo and Juliet” – Passion Fruit Wine Truffle, Raspberry Truffle;  “The Great Gatsby”  – Champagne Truffle, Golden Chocolate Truffle;  “Gone with the Wind” – Bourbon Pecan Truffle, Georgia Peach Truffle;  “Casablanca” – Sauternes & Pear Truffle, Amarula Cream Truffle;  “The Princess Bride” — Golden Chocolate Rum Truffle, Buttercup Buttercream;  “Pride and Prejudice” – Darcy Truffle, Rose Truffle (2 of each)

Weight 24 oz

Language of Love 24-piece Gift Box with Valentine Bow


“Je t’aime” –  Champagne Truffle, Chocolate Soufflé Truffle;  “Ti amo” –  Prosecco Truffle, Limoncello Basil Truffle; “Te amo” –  Mousse de Maracuyá Truffle, Brigadiero Truffle; “I love you” –  California Cabernet Truffle, Peanut Butter Truffle (3 of each)

Weight 24 oz

Luther’s O-Mega Trek Bar


Enjoy the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids and a boost of antioxidants with this delicious and colorful bar.  A heart-healthy 57% dark chocolate from Belgium is the canvas for walnuts, dried mango, almonds, cranberries and pumpkin seeds.  Mega-good nutrition AND mega-yummy!

Weight 7 oz

Dinner Party Dessert 12 Piece Collection


Dark Chocolate Soufflé Truffle, Pêche Melba Truffle, Peanut Butter Pie Truffle, Profiterole Truffle (3 of each)

Weight 13 oz

Wanderlust 12 Piece Collection


Champagne Truffle, Amarula Cream Truffle, Coconut Rum Truffle, Kona Coffee Truffle (3 of each)

Weight 13 oz

Awesome Truffles!

The 4 piece box made a perfect (and impressive!) dessert for GF and me. Superior quality chocolate - very rich and delicious!
David Harrisburg, PA

Merci beaucoup!

I have been physically transported by truffles! The Ooh Là Là collection really brought back the flavors and the feeling of being in Paris, and the "truffle story card" made it even more fun! The Peche Melba was so unique.
Anne Worcester, MA

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