Imaginative flavors, international chocolates, carefully curated collections. Every chocolate tells a story, and our passion is sharing them with you!

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A Story Told in Chocolate

We create incredibly delicious micro-batch chocolate truffles and bars that speak to your heart and mind, as well as your eyes and taste buds. Our belief is that “Every Chocolate Tells a Story™” through its ingredients, cultural and geographic origins, and the creativity of the chocolatier. Like wine and coffee, chocolate from various international sources tastes surprisingly distinct! So we use over 18 different chocolates from France, Italy, Belgium, Africa, South America, the Caribbean and the USA, and add carefully chosen natural flavors to bring out the unique personality of each piece. We LOVE chocolate, and our passion is sharing our creations with you!

What Are Collections?

Every truffle box is carefully curated as a Collection, bringing together its distinctive flavors into a symphony (or rock opera!) of flavor. Take our Coffee Buzz Collection. You’ll taste a truffle made with Hawaiian-grown cacao beans, Kona coffee and Hawaiian volcanic sea salt… next to a Blonde Café au Lait truffle made with velvety Belgian chocolate and heavy cream. When you enjoy one of our collections, you’re not only tasting some of the most spectacular chocolates in the world —  you’re learning about WHY they taste so good.  Each box comes with a story card detailing the collection’s stories in a fun, memorable way.  Share your chocolates, share their stories!

Did Someone Say Plant-Based?

Select truffle collections and all of our Luther’s Trek Bars are plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free.  We care about the products we consume, and we strive to use ingredients that not only taste extraordinary but also feel good to eat.  At Cocoa Creek Chocolates, we want you to enjoy the benefits of a plant-based diet without sacrificing the everyday indulgence of truly amazing chocolate!  Featuring high-cocoa content dark chocolate enhanced with whole fruits, nuts, grains, the occasional veggie (really!) and other natural ingredients, our delicious chocolates complement your lifestyle and sensibilities.

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