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4-pc & 8-pc boxed - Edited

Wine-Pairing Truffle Collection

Chocolate and wine… two of life’s simple pleasures!  When thoughtfully paired, each one can bring out the other’s subtle flavor notes, leading to heightened enjoyment of both.  Of course, there’s no wrong way to pair chocolate and wine – your own preferences and tastes should always be your guide!  Still, so many friends ask us about wine pairings that we created this special truffle collection and pairing guide to point you toward wines that will enhance your experience of the pieces in this collection. We hope you’ll savor these delicious chocolate creations, and perhaps share a fun tasting event with someone special!

Flavors:  Lemon Blanc; Sparkling Strawberry Rosé; Cherry Vanilla Merlot; Cabernet with Smoked Sea Salt

Includes a detailed wine-pairing guide.

4 Piece Box   (1 of each flavor) 

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8 Piece Box (2 of each flavor)

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