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Ooh Là Là! 4 Piece Collection


Profiterole Truffle, Pêche Melba Truffle, Champagne Truffle, Noisette Crème Truffle

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Say “Oui!” to this decadent assortment of truffles with délicieux centers made from premium French chocolate, rich cream and a dose of “Je ne sais quoi.”  When it comes to sweet treats, the French clearly know what they’re doing.  Fruit, chocolate, cream, pâte à choux pastry and, of course, champagne are central to the French culinary experience and form the inspiration for these petits bijoux.  This collection will make you feel like you’re sitting in an adorable little chocolaterie on the Left Bank while Jean-Pierre lovingly serves you the shop’s most exquisite edible jewels.  Hermès bag optional.   Profiterole Truffle,  Pêche Melba Truffle,  Champagne Truffle,  Noisette Crème Truffle

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Weight 6 oz