Imaginative flavors, international chocolates, carefully curated collections. Every chocolate tells a story, and our passion is sharing them with you!

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Bowl of melted milk chocolate and broken pieces of chocolate bar isolated on white background, top view


Our milk chocolate is far from ordinary!  We carefully select the finest milk chocolates from all over the globe, and we currently use milk chocolate that is either grown or produced in Italy, France, Belgium, Peru, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Ghana, the USA (Hawaii), and many other locations. One taste and you’ll see just how special and sophisticated milk chocolate can be!

Milk Chocolate Chubby Bunny


Chubby bunny in Belgian Milk Chocolate!

Milk Chocolate Small Bunny


Small sitting bunny in Belgian Milk Chocolate!

Milk Chocolate Tall Bunny


Tall sitting bunny with basket in Belgian Milk Chocolate!