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12 & 24 with roses resized

A World of Love Collection

Introducing our new Limited Edition Valentine’s Day collection: A World of Love. Showcasing the diverse chocolates we source from all over the world, we’ve created 12 unique truffles made with chocolate grown or produced in France, Italy, Latin America, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Caribbean Islands. Includes a detailed brochure describing the inspiration and background of each truffle. Offered in a 12-piece (one of each) or 24-piece (2 of each) box, this is a truly unique and memorable gift!

Flavors include: Tarte aux Fraises; Crepes Suzette; Prosecco; Amaretto; Passionfruit Mousse; Brigadiero; Chocolate Pear; Carac (Venezuelan Dark Chocolate); Pineapple Coconut; Haitian Beignet; Belgian Waffle; Chimay Beer.

12 Piece Box   (1 of each flavor) 

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24 Piece Box (2 of each flavor)

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