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Soul Mates 24-piece Gift Box with Valentine Bow


“Romeo and Juliet” – Passion Fruit Wine Truffle, Raspberry Truffle;  “The Great Gatsby”  – Champagne Truffle, Golden Chocolate Truffle;  “Gone with the Wind” – Bourbon Pecan Truffle, Georgia Peach Truffle;  “Casablanca” – Sauternes & Pear Truffle, Amarula Cream Truffle;  “The Princess Bride” — Golden Chocolate Rum Truffle, Buttercup Buttercream;  “Pride and Prejudice” – Darcy Truffle, Rose Truffle (2 of each)

Weight 24 oz
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In both romantic love and friendship, finding your true soul mate is a rarity.  What is a soul mate?  Someone with whom you have an unbreakable connection.  Someone who loves you unconditionally.  Who finishes your sentences. Who completes you. Who just gets you.  Books and films are full of couples who share passions, joys and tribulations, and we’ve drawn on six such couples as inspiration for our “Soul Mates” truffle collection.  Are they truly soul mates, or some lesser version of striving, longing lovers?  We’ll leave that for you and yours to decide, as you sample these heart-stopping beauties.

Includes 24 pieces, 2 of each flavor listed.  Red Valentine’s Day bow.

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Weight 24 oz


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