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Luther’s Trek Bars Fruity Collection


Our luscious Luther’s Trek Bars are made with premium international dark chocolates and other natural ingredients.  Deliciously plant-based (dairy-free) and gluten-free, these bars are scored for easy breaking and sharing.  This Fruity Collection includes an assortment of 4 of our favorite fruit-studded bars.

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Collection of 4 Large Luther’s Trek Bars Includes:

Gingery Apricot – made with 70% Caribbean dark chocolate, apricots and candied ginger

Mango Tango – made with Italian 70% organic dark chocolate, chili-spiced dried mangoes, toasted coconut slivers and a hint of lime

Lemon Blues – made with Haitian 73% organic bittersweet chocolate, blueberries & sugared lemon slices

Sunshine Orange – made with French 70% bittersweet chocolate and slices of sweetened dried oranges

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Weight 18 oz