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Language of Love 24-piece Gift Box with Valentine Bow


“Je t’aime” –  Champagne Truffle, Chocolate Soufflé Truffle;  “Ti amo” –  Prosecco Truffle, Limoncello Basil Truffle; “Te amo” –  Mousse de Maracuyá Truffle, Brigadiero Truffle; “I love you” –  California Cabernet Truffle, Peanut Butter Truffle (3 of each)

Weight 24 oz
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“How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.” 

While there may be an infinite number of ways to express love, we’re focusing on four languages for “I love you” —  French, Italian, Spanish and English.  These languages provides the cultural inspiration for this world-class collection of Valentine truffles.  We’ve drawn on classic flavors from French, Italian, Latin American and North American traditions to create our unique “Language of Love” collection.  Handmade with care using authentic, premium ingredients and international chocolates, these jewels are the perfect way to share your love.  With so many ways to say it, sometimes it’s best to let the chocolate speak for itself.

Includes 24 pieces, 3 of each flavor listed.  Red Valentine’s Day bow.

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Weight 24 oz


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