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Chocolate World Tour


Give them a trip around the world of chocolate with this extraordinary assortment showcasing our most popular international chocolates, including truffles, bars, and solid pieces!

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This Impressive Assortment of Our Own Handcrafted Pieces Is Made with Fine Chocolate from Around the World! 

  • 8-pc Truffle Box Showcasing Our Fine International Chocolates (2 of each):
    • Kona Coffee (38% Milk Chocolate from Hawaii)
    • Apple Pie (33% Milk Chocolate from Java, Indonesia)
    • Pear Sauternes (67% Bittersweet Chocolate from Madagascar)
    • Little Black Dress (70% Bittersweet Chocolate from Ecuador)
  • 2 Luther Bars  –
    • Lemon Blues (73% Haitian Bittersweet)
    • Ultra Violet (55% Belgian Semisweet Chocolate)
  • Dark Chocolate Jumbo Nonpareils 4-pack (70% Italian Bittersweet)

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Weight 18 oz