Imaginative flavors, international chocolates, carefully curated collections. Every chocolate tells a story, and our passion is sharing them with you!

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We believe that every chocolate tells a story.  What better way to introduce you to our exquisite, unique truffles and bars than to let them share a bit of their own stories.

Prepare to fall in love!

Adriana Truffle

Ciao Bella!  My name means dark, and for good reason — my rich center is made from deep, dark Italian chocolate with 71% cocoa content.  I love long walks on Amalfi beaches and sipping Chianti in Tuscany.”

Available in Black Beauty Collection

Amarula Cream Truffle

“My creamy milk chocolate ganache is blended with luscious Amarula Cream Liqueur from South Africa, then covered in another layer of milk chocolate.  People say I’m rich, exotic and unforgettable.”

Available in Wanderlust Collection

Apple Pie Truffle

“My friend Baseball and I are often called ‘All-American,’ and I guess that’s true.  That is, assuming Americans still appreciate a milk chocolate ganache with apple pieces and cinnamon, smothered with another layer of creamy milk chocolate.”

Available in Thanksgiving Pie and Holiday Gathering Collections

Blonde Café au Lait Truffle

” My creamy white chocolate ganache is infused with rich dark-roast coffee, then enrobed in premium milk chocolate.  My friends say I remind them of mocha ice cream.”

Available in Coffee Buzz and Holiday Gathering Collections

Brunelle Truffle

“In my home country of Belgium, my name means brunette, and inside my dark chocolate shell lies a Belgian dark chocolate ganache with 70% cocoa.  People say I’m deep, intense and complex.  In a good way.”

Available in Black Beauty Collection

Capital Joe's Espresso Truffle

“I’m all about espresso, baby!  My dark chocolate ganache is flavored with robust espresso, and I’m even topped with a dusting of finely ground espresso powder.  Wake up and smell the love!”

Available in Coffee Buzz and Hometown Mechanicsburg Collections

Cabernet Truffle

“The lush, fruity flavors of California Cabernet Sauvignon are the perfect foil for the rich dark chocolate in my ganache.  Another layer of pure dark chocolate and a sprinkling of smoked sea salt lend me a well-deserved air of sophistication… but I’m still fun!  Cheers!”

Available in Hometown Mechanicsburg Collection

Champagne Truffle

“I love a celebration — as you can see from the fireworks display I wear!  My creamy milk chocolate center is infused with real French champagne, then tucked inside a covering of silky dark chocolate.  Let the party begin!”

Available in Ooh Là LàWanderlustand Hometown Mechanicsburg Collections

Chai Tea Truffle

“My creamy milk chocolate ganache is infused with a special blend of chai tea, then covered with another layer of milk chocolate.  My friends say I’m a warm, comforting, a tiny bit spicy and truly unique!”

Available in Hometown Mechanicsburg Collection

Cherry Kirsch Truffle

“The beautiful cherry-blossom design on my dark chocolate shell foretells my luscious dark chocolate interior flavored with Kirsch (cherry brandy).  My friends say that I’m pink and white and dark all over.”

Available in Hometown Mechanicsburg Collection

Cocoa Almond Truffle

“My most prominent feature is the cocoa-dusted almond that adorns my creamy milk-chocolate ganache.  I also have an elegant dark-chocolate shell.  Some people say I’m a little nutty; others say I’m sort of a square.  Hey, it’s all good!”

Available in Hometown Mechanicsburg Collection

Coconut Cream Pie Truffle

“I don’t mind admitting that I’m decadent and luscious and the stuff of your dreams.  My white chocolate ganache is loaded with minced coconut and a splash of rum (because, why not?), and it’s all enrobed in a rich semi-sweet dark chocolate coating.”

Available in Thanksgiving Pie and Holiday Gathering Collections

Coconut Rum Truffle

” Ahoy! Do ye dream o’ th’ isles, sandy beaches, swayin’ palm trees? If ye love coconut ‘n rum, ye’ll love me, ’cause me dark chocolate center includes a healthy dose o’ both. Arrrr!”

Available in Wanderlust Collection

Cranberry Pistachio Truffle

“I have a center of premium white chocolate ganache studded with ruby-red cranberries and crunchy pistachios, then covered with rich dark chocolate.  My friends call me Cran-Stash.”

Available in Comfort & Joy and Holiday Gathering Collections

Dark Chocolate Soufflé Truffle

“I have zee center of 70% bittersweet dark French chocolate, and zee covering of rich semi-sweet dark chocolate, all wrapped up with a certain je ne sais quoi.”

Available in Dinner Party Dessert, Hometown Mechanicsburg (Death by Chocolate), Black Beauty (Darcy), and Holiday Gathering Collections

Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramel

“I’m smooth and rich and a little salty.  What’s not to love?  My semi-sweet dark chocolate covering complements my caramel interior to perfection, IMHO.  Try me and see!”

Available in Hometown Mechanicsburg Collection

Ebony Truffle

“I’m smooth and mellow, but I’m not shy!  My American-made dark chocolate ganache boasts a powerful 72% cocoa content and the distinctive flavor of pure vanilla.”

Available in Black Beauty Collection

Gingerbread Truffle

“My milk chocolate center is flavored with molasses, ginger, cinnamon and cloves, then covered with another layer of creamy milk chocolate.  Hobbies include building edible houses and wearing gumdrop buttons.”

Available in Comfort & Joy and Holiday Gathering Collections

Hazelnut Cappuccino Truffle

“Everyone loves my white chocolate ‘foam’ cap, but there’s so much more to love! My creamy milk chocolate ganache is flavored with coffee and hazelnut, then poured into a milk chocolate cup. My friends call me Cuppa Cappa.”

Available in Coffee Buzz Collection

Kona Truffle

“Aloha!  My milk chocolate ganache is made with Hawaiian cocoa beans blended with Kona coffee from the Big Island, then covered with rich dark chocolate and a dusting of red Hawaiian Alaea sea salt.  Hobbies include surfing and hula dancing.”

Available in Coffee Buzz and Wanderlust Collections

Lavender Truffle

“Lavender pods are steeped in heavy cream, which is blended with rich dark chocolate to create my luxurious ganache.  My friends say I’m relaxing, calming, and always seem to lift their mood!”

Available in Garden Party Collection

Limoncello Basil Truffle

“My creamy white chocolate ganache is spiked with Limoncello (Italian lemon liqueur) and flecked with minced fresh basil leaves.  My friends say I taste like a mouthful of sunshine!”

Available in Garden Party and Hometown Mechanicsburg (Lemony Felony) Collections

Milk Chocolate Nut Cluster

“I’m nuts, and I’m proud of it!  Crunchy pecans, cashews, and peanuts, all drenched in creamy milk chocolate.  Pure and simple.  Yep, that’s me.”

Available in Hometown Mechanicsburg Collection

Noisette Crème Truffle

“Bonjour!  French milk chocolate is blended with the flavor of hazelnuts in my rich, creamy filling, which is covered with another layer of pure milk chocolate.  Hobbies include hanging out with a wheel of Camembert and a glass of Burgundy.”

Available in Ooh Là Là Collection

Passion Fruit Wine Truffle

“Meade wine made with passion fruit is combined with premium white chocolate to make my unique, elegant ganache, which is then covered in creamy white chocolate.   With me, you’ll experience passion in a completely new way.”

Available in Hometown Mechanicsburg Collection

Peanut Butter Pie Truffle

“My luscious peanut-buttery milk chocolate ganache is covered with a rich milk chocolate shell.  I know how to do the high-brow scene, but I’m definitely in touch with my inner, PB-loving child.  Hold the jelly.”

Available in Dinner Party Dessert and Holiday Gathering Collections

Pecan Pie Truffle

“My rich center of dark chocolate, Bourbon and chopped pecans is enrobed with dark semi-sweet chocolate.  My friends say I’m luscious, addictive, and not too sweet.  And that’s a compliment.”

Available in Thanksgiving Pie and Holiday Gathering Collections

Pêche Melba Truffle

“I have layers:  one of white chocolate & peach, one of dark chocolate & raspberry.  Both are covered with premium white chocolate.  Some people think that makes me more complex and interesting.  I think they’re onto something.”

Available in Ooh Là Là and Dinner Party Dessert Collections

Profiterole Truffle

“I’m named after the iconic French dessert, but you can think of me as an ice-cream-sundae truffle!  My creamy center is actually made from real melted vanilla ice cream blended with premium white chocolate, tucked inside a dark chocolate shell.  I scream, you scream…”

Available in Ooh Là Là, Dinner Party Dessert,  Hometown Mechanicsburg, and Holiday Gathering Collections (Ice Cream Sundae)

Pumpkin Pie Truffle

Ganache:  Milk chocolate, pumpkin purée, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves.  Covering:  Milk chocolate.  Hometown:  Over the river and through the woods.  Most remarkable accomplishment:  Being invited to every fall party for over 300 years.

Available in Thanksgiving Pie and Holiday Gathering Collections

Rose Truffle

“People say I’m romantic, and I guess they’re right!  My creamy milk chocolate center is infused with delicate rose water and covered in a rich milk chocolate shell shaped like a rosebud.  Come and get your love.”

Available in Garden Party Collection

Spiked Eggnog Truffle

“Under my premium white chocolate covering you’ll find a creamy ganache made with white chocolate,  pure vanilla, nutmeg and a splash of brandy.  I may look innocent, but my flavor is all grown up.”

Available in Comfort & Joy and Holiday Gathering Collections

Strawberry Thyme Truffle

“My delicately sweet ganache combines white chocolate, strawberries and thyme, and it’s covered in a silky dark chocolate shell.  Favorite songs:  Strawberry Fields Forever and Thyme is on My Side.”

Available in Garden Party Collection

Sugar Plum Truffle

“I have a dark chocolate ganache made with chopped plums, plum jam and cognac, covered with a shell of dark chocolate.  Interests include ballet and poetry.  People find me so enticing that some say visions of me dance in their heads!”

Available in Comfort & Joy and Holiday Gathering Collections

High Energy Luther's Trek Bar

“Fuel up in the tastiest way possible!  I’m a Belgian 57% dark chocolate bar topped with a high-nutrition blend of raw pepitas, mulberries, goji berries, English walnuts, almonds, crimson raisins, pineapple, and dark-chocolate covered espresso beans. (I DID say high energy, right?)  You’ll feel and taste the boost!”  (See Collection)

Luther's Trek Bar

“I’m a delicious and colorful bar, ready to ensure you enjoy the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids and a boost of antioxidants!  A heart-healthy 57% dark chocolate from Belgium is the canvas for my walnuts, dried mango, almonds, cranberries and pumpkin seeds.  Friends say I’m mega-good nutrition AND mega-yummy!”  (See Collection)

Sunshine Orange Luther's Trek Bar

“If you like the bright, clean flavors of citrus AND the richness of deep, dark chocolate, you’ll love me!  My French 70% dark chocolate is topped with slices of lightly sweetened, dried oranges.  People say I look and taste gorgeous!” (*blush*)  (See Collection)

Luther's Trek Bar

“Slivers of coconut, mango and pineapple chunks, papaya slices and banana chips brighten my rich bar of Caribbean 70% dark chocolate.  Being with me will whisk you away to a place of tropical breezes, waving palm trees and sand between your toes!”  (See Collection)

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