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Bowl of melted dark chocolate and broken pieces of chocolate bar isolated on white background, top view


Just like wine grapes and coffee beans, cacao beans take on the flavor and character of their source, and the cocoa that is made from those beans carries the distinctive stamp of the region where it was roasted, blended and produced. The soil, growing conditions, and chocolate-making traditions around the world vary, imparting a variety of flavor experiences. We currently use dark chocolate grown or produced in a wide variety of locations, including Italy, Brazil, Haiti, France, Belgium, Ecuador, Madagascar, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Peru, and many others.

Dark Chocolate Chubby Bunny


Chubby bunny in Belgian Dark Chocolate!

Dark Chocolate Small Bunny


Small sitting bunny in Belgian Dark Chocolate!

Dark Chocolate Tall Bunny


Tall sitting bunny with basket in Belgian Dark Chocolate!

Wine Lovers Solid Dark Chocolate Pieces


Solid pieces of premium Haitian 73% dark chocolate molded in grape cluster shapes. Includes a card describing the chocolate’s distinctive flavor notes and suggestions for wine pairings.